Bringing the Democratic Process to Life

On February 10, 2010, the first open, public policy style ASB Presidential Debates sponsored by the UM chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists took place at the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics. The debate consisted of two segments of six questions with the first being asked of the ASB vice presidential candidates followed by the presidential candidates.

Prior to the debate, an event called Campaign Alley started 30 minutes earlier in the main hallway of the Overby Center where guests were able to visit booths to learn the platforms of all the ASB candidates including, treasuer, secretary and attorney general.

This project was my personal creation. Developing and implementing this debate proved to be one of my greatest challenges and successes thus far. The concept for the project was inspired by the U.S. Presidential Debate held at the University of Mississippi in 2008.

To watch the Debate as filmed by UM Media Relations, you can go to their channel HERE.