Throughout the weeks leading up to the ASB Presidential Debates, numerous methods of communication were implemented to promote the debate. As president, I soon found myself serving an editor's task as I worked with my Vice President in her mission of writing SPJ's official press release and as well as my Webmaster in her creation of a Facebook event page.

Once the press release was ready, I began work with the UM student newspaper, the Daily Mississippian, to see to it that the article would be published. Afterwards, updates leading up to the debate were constantly sent to our assigned correspondence reporter.

Through the Facebook event page, students interested in being a part of the debate process were provided two ways to identify what questions they wanted asked during the debate. The first option was via posting on the event page or secondly by email at

Additionally, I arranged for two radio station promotions with the university's Rebel Radio morning hosts. The first promotion was used to announce the event and encourage student submission for questions. The second promotion was to draw hype to what issues would be covered in the debate and officially announce the moderator we had selected.

For further promotion of the debate I designed and strategically distributed an official debate poster at 11X17 throughout the Ole Miss campus. The content of the poster focused on promoting not only the debate, but Campaign Alley and the Overby Center's multimedia displays.

I also worked with the SPJ secretary to design and mail personal invitations to the UM administration, the Steering Committee for the U.S. Presidential Debate, Charles Overby, and the SPJ and ASB advisers.